Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watch

TAG Heuer created the Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watch Piece d'Art as a culmination to the 50th anniversary celebrations of Carrera. Phillips in New York will receive this restored and decorated 1969 version of the famous timepiece (reference no. 1133B). The Game Changers watch auction is scheduled for 10 December 2019. (Read more). The United Way of New York City will receive proceeds from the auction. TAG Heuer is a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children and families living in poverty.

Carrera Piece d'Art. The Carrera Piece d'Art was reworked in the Vintage After-Sales section by TAG Heuer's own experts. The timepiece was taken from the TAGHeuer Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. It features the original Calibre 11 chronograph movement that was launched in Carrera in 1969.

"In the years leading up to this important milestone, the Heritage department considered what gift it could give Swiss Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watch to celebrate its 50th anniversary. We created a one-piece edition, a work that honors and commemorates our iconic icon. Catherine Eberle Devaux, TAG Heuer Heritage Director, explained that we have used original parts and decorated them in a way that is unique.

This tag heuer link replica timepiece stands out for its unique decorated movement that is now visible through transparent caseback. The caseback was originally closed. However, TAG Heuer's highly skilled watchmakers cut out a circular of stainless steel and replaced it by sapphire crystal. The enhanced view allows for unobstructed views of the inside of the decorated movement. Watchmakers disassembled the movement components and worked on each part of the chronograph module.

The process involved bevelling the components, enhancing them with straight graining, mirror polishing functional surfaces, screw heads and screw heads, as well as adding three more jewels to increase the total number of rubies to 20. The bridges are where the most remarkable artistry is evident. They were hand-engraved in a font that resembles the 1970s and the words "Cal." The chronograph bridge features the eleventh feature, which is used to display the minute and second counters. On the hour counter bridge, the words "Carrera", however, are used. Because the originals were too thin to allow for intricate engraving, the two bridges had a re-make. The date disc was also remade, with the numerals in red rather than black.

Amazingly precise craftsmanship For three months, the Carrera Piece d'Art was worked by four expert watchmakers. Because they needed something that was not already available, the watchmakers had to design and create tools. There was no margin for error. The decoration had to be done by hand as a machine wouldn't have been able judge the quality. Each watchmaker was able to add their personal touch to the case, movement and overall aesthetic, increasing the uniqueness and value of the final product.

The watch box contains the entire story. Carrera Piece d'Art comes in a wooden box with red lacquer. The stainless-steel circular cut from the caseback is contained in the white leather interior, along with a loupe. You will also find the historic Carrera leaflet, which came with your original timepiece. Julie Kraulis, a renowned visual artist, captured the intricate caseback in an artwork. The watch box is framed in the same wood that the 18x18-inch black-and white drawing. The watch comes with a copy of Paradoxical Star, signed by Jack Heuer, Honorary Charmain at TAG Heuer. This book, published in honor of Carrera's 50th Anniversary, contains archive excerpts and sketches of designs and movements for the timepiece.

An year of celebration Each piece was showcased at a special event that took place in major cities in 2019. The first timepiece (1970s) was shown at the Tag Heuer Carrera Replica Watch for sale (read about it here), while the second timepiece (1880s) was displayed in Le Mans (read about it here), while the third timepiece (1990s) was introduced at the Formula E Championship in New York. The fourth timepiece (20 early 2000s edition), was launched at an event held in Tokyo, and the fifth (2009-2019 edition) was made available at Space Plus Shanghai (read about here