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A Demonstration Pilot Plant facility has been created at SASMIRA under the Phase I. The facility would be used for demonstration, training and product development of technical textiles, specially Agrotextile products like ground covers, tarpaulins, protective nets like shade nets, bird protective nets, etc.
The following machines have been installed:
Dornier Rapier loom, PTS 2/16, 190 cm, Features: Suitable for spun as well as filament yarn weaving of High strength fabrics, Two colour weft feeding, 16 shaft dobby along with leno healds.
Karl Mayer, Raschel Wrap Knitting machine, RS 4N, E12, 170" Features: Suitable for knitting monofilament as well as flat yarns, 4 bar patterning.
DILO Laboratory model Needle-punched Nonwoven line, 700mm.
Features: Machine suitable for processing both synthetic and natural fibres having denier range 3 D to 15 D and length 30 mm to 80 mm
Coating and Lamination plant
Mathis make continuous range of coating device with roller doctor knife, rubber blanket knife and Air doctor knife
The following machines are being added under Upgradation of COE
S.No. Equipment
1. Twin screw Extruder
2. High Speed mixer
3. Hydraulic Lab press
4. Tape yarn manufacturing -Film slitting
5. Blown film manufacturing
6. Monofilament spinning
7. Beaming machine for warp knitting
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